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(includes two 1 hour visits) $160

Initial Consultation
Includes a thorough assessment of your lifestyle, current health, physical activity level, dietary habits, preferences and goals. This appointment is 1 hour in length.

Presentation of Plan


At your second visit you will receive a personalized plan, including options for all meals and snacks, recipes and dietary recommendations that will enhance your results. Rather than counting calories, weighing portions and depriving yourself, you will learn how to choose nutrient dense foods that taste great and keep you feeling satisfied. This appointment is 1 hour in length.

Follow Up
a follow-plan will be suggested based on your needs.

Contact me and i will send you a lifestyle and nutritional questionnaire, a nutritional symptomatology questionnaire and a food journal. These must be completed before the initial consultation.


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  This package was developed to truly help you to learn how to be healthy and to feel great. Weight loss is nothing more than a side effect of general health.  
  Over the course of 5 sessions, you will learn the following:  
How to make the best dietary choices specific to your needs
How to manage and control your sugar cravings
What vitamins and minerals are best suited to your needs
How to understand nutrition labels and navigate the grocery store to find healthy, tasty options
How to manage stress
How to prepare tasty healthy recipes
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I didn’t always eat well. Even after my first marathon, I did not really know what to eat to fuel my training or my workouts. I thought it was normal to be in major pain after a marathon and to have to slide down the stairs on your bum for a few days. It wasn’t until I started to eat natural and nutrient-dense whole foods that I could train harder, recover faster and perform better. No more sliding down the stairs. This type of diet has even allowed me to qualify for the Boston Marathon five times and the New York City Marathon. I’d love to share my nutritional secrets with you to become a successful athlete.

This package is perfect for those wishing to learn how to fuel their body to improve their performance.

You will learn:
what food best fuels your training and competition
new ideas for healthy snacks
how you can improve your recovery levels
how to improve your energy levels


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I love to get people excited and inspired to start eating healthier. I provide interactive workshops on a broad range of nutrition topics to employees working in corporate and private practice environments. Why not let your employees enjoy their lunch while learning some nutritional secrets to eating healthier. Result: more energy and more productive at work.


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  Are your athletes drinking Gatorade?
If yes then let me share better alternatives.

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