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eat well with Ms



Foods have the power to heal as well as the power to hurt. Because of my diagnosis with MS in 2001, I embarked on a journey of discovery searching for the foods that would keep myself in a state of optimal health and eliminating those foods that didn’t make me feel well. Having learned the key nutrients that are needed to nourish my body and my nervous system, I ‘ve discovered a new way of eating and a new love for cooking.  And guess what? My food tastes great and I feel great!  This recipe book is a collection of some of my first favorite delicious recipes that I have adapted and developed for MS health.  All of them are made with wholesome anti-inflammatory foods that have the power to heal, the power to nourish your body and the power to nourish your nervous system.

Featuring a beautiful color picture for every recipe and other images throughout, my recipe book also features 39 pages of information and 15 delicious recipes including my famous cranberry green juice and kale apple-walnut salad.

inside you will find

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Benefit from book

I developed this recipe book so you would have one great recipe book to get you started on eating well with MS today.




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